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Kim Carnes
interview with Miguel Ángel Vázquez

Read the interview in Spanish. Here is the English translation.

Kim has traveled through Madrid to promote her new disc. We took the opportunity to talk with her on a rainy autumn afternoon in November, in a hotel next to the Plaza de Colón. At her 60 years, she radiates jovial and wears .

Miguel: In Erueop, we have the image that Nashville is the capital of country music. Is it really?

Kim: Well, yes. It has always been the capital of country mmusic. But now all types of music are there. Whichever night you can go to a club and hear jazz, blues, rock, contry...

Miguel: Talk about "Chasin' Wild Trains". It is a disc of 12 songs. In it there is a special collaboration with the actor Jeff Bridges, with who you wrote the song "Burning Ring of Fire". This is the second time that you two have worked together.

Kim: "Burning Ring of FIre" was written for the movie "The Contender". Now they have also taken a song of mine, "You Made My Skin Burn", for afilm that is on the verge of being released, "The Moguls". He works well with me. He is a wonderful person and a great actor.

Miguel: You have never considered some work in the movies, like acting?

Kim: Acting? No, it is not for me. I would be terrible. I love to write, to sing, to make music. Not to act: I am horrible. (Laughter). You know? One time I tried it in a video clip. The director of the video gave lines to me and I insisted to him that he please not do that - that they not give any lines to me because I am really bad. He did not want to believe me. So I interpreted the lines and he said: "Ah! You are right! You are bad." (Laughter). I must say it: acting is for others. I am terrible.

Miguel: Let us speak of the songs on the disc. Which is your favorite?

Kim: Hmmmm. It is difficult to decide on one, I don't like to do that. But if I must choose, I would choose "One Beat at a time" or "Goodnight Angel". I have given two titles to you! (Laughter)

Miguel: Most people here in Spain know you thanks to a song, "Bette Davis Eyes". It was a success everywhere in the world in 1981. How did that song change your life?

Kim: I had already been somewhat successful as a singer and writer in the United States when "Mistaken Identity" appeared - that was the album that song was on. With the song, the world was opened to me. It was possibe for me to go to Europe. I believe that it was the greatest change of my life, not to limit me to America. The European public has always been great to me. That disc gave me the opportunity to reach them.

Miguel: Have you had the opportunity to meet Bette Davis in person?

Kim: Yes!

Miguel: How was it?

Kim: It was huge.She was very generous with me. She loved the disc. When I went to take it to her house, she wanted to frame it to put it on the wall. We spent hours and hours together in which she talked about her beginnings in the movies.

Miguel: Let's return to the presnet. What plans do you have for this disc, "Chasin Wild Trains". Will we see a tour or television appearances?

Kim: In these last weeks, I have been traveling in Europe to promote it. Now I return back home.



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